Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Spock!!!

Today Leonard Nimoy celebrates his 80th birthday - so I guess that Vulcan, Live Well and Prosper stuff has some truth to it. Anyway, since way back in the day, I have always been a BIG fan of Leonard Nimoy. And LikeTelevision is thrilled to offer a few very choice - pre-Spock Leonard Nimoy video clips. But first, an aside.

Back in the prehistoric days of streaming internet video, LikeTelevision was invited to NYC for a special soiree at Rockefeller Plaza, (yep, home of 30 Rock)... to the amazing Rainbow Room high up in the sky. It was for a special launch hosted by Real Networks of Seattle, and we were one of the guests, all publishers of content for Real's launch of a new internet feature on the RealPlayer called Take 5. Each day, the player would suggest some nifty content to check out. Back then, there was no flash, no html 5, no one used Windows mediaplayer, and there was minimal use of Apple's Quicktime because there was no bandwidth for such huge files. Remember... most folks had just 56k of bandwidth.

So why I am I sharing this history? Because, Leonard Nimoy was also there as a content publisher, and during the lunch of rubber chicken, I actually sat next to Leonard Nimoy. And got to see Annie Lennox sing and Dave Stewart play acoustic guitar, from like 25 feet away. I got to see Jon Stewart, and actually confirm for myself what Dick Clark really looked like in person. I even met Rick Moranis in the elevator, and told him people tell me I look like you Rick. (His reply? People tell me I look like you all the time too, and we hugged like long lost brothers. Holy Ghostbusters!).

But I digress. Check out these 2 cool video clips of the great Leonard Nimoy in celebration of his 80th birthday. And Mr. Nimoy, I am so glad you got to Live long and prosper. Couldn't have happened to a more interesting fellow. Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy.

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