Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Politics, Old School

While today's annoying rancor might seem somehow new or different, a quick look at some older political films, tv and media clips give a slightly different picture. Why, ye olde school politics was just as nasty and dirty as it is today. I mean, who knew? For example, if you think the media messing in politics is something new, check out Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. The corrupt newspaper creates a folk hero named John Doe, and in a flash - the political parties are both looking to use this guy for their own ends. A great story and let's hope our current limbo in the divided we fall hole we find ourselves in.... ends up like a happy Frank Capra movie. Hey, one can hope. Another classic tale, Angel on My Shoulder with Paul Muni, not only has some shady political stooges - why it even has the general of the Axis of Evil, Satan himself trying to inject himself onto the political landscape. Claude Rains does a terrific job at playing Lucifer, though i doubt he is as diabolical as he would be if they ever redid this film. It is a great movie and totally worth the time and effort. Co-stars Anne Baxter too.

And if all the political yelling gets too loud, please check out presidential graft at its finest in Popeye for President. It seems the race is tied, with only one vote left - Olive Oyl. Watch Bluto and Popeye promise her everything under the sun to win her vote. Why they'd even sell out the country it seems. And sure, Popeye is running on the Spinach Party ticket, so that would make him the green candidate.

Plus, there's a lot of clips related to historical politics - with such notable characters as Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Churchill, and Hindenburg to name but a few. Just search for politic and see what comes up. (a bunch of them are also for politically incorrect... like Amos and Andy, but most are related to the world of political intrigue. Happy viewing, and don't forget to vote. Unless you are voting for the other guy.