Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Elly Mae

Born in Pride, Louisiana September 26, 1933 - Donna Douglas was 29 years old when she started playing her role as Elly Mae Clampett, the critter loving, lovely rustic lassie on the Beverly Hillbillies. Oddly enough, the series also begins on her birthday - September 26, 1962. I always was a fan of Donna Douglas - she played the character Elly Mae so well. And then she disappeared from the Hollywood scene to become a Gospel singer and animal rights advocate. Cool. Should it be surprising that she really did love animals? I don't think so. Imagine all the crazy animals she enjoyed during the run of the show - there were chimps, dogs, turkeys, donkeys, and even a kangeroo. Plus about 50 other species now that I think about. Anyway - we'd like to wish Donna Douglas a joyous birthday. She turns 74 today. Happy Birthday Elly Mae! Here are a few recommended episodes. My three favorites are one, two, three. Want more? - Watch more episodes here.