Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baseball Season 2008

Though the weather is still cold and while old Jack Frost the meanie of winter does his best to hold on, spring is on the way. Hooray! My favorite spring video on the site is a tough call. Either this amazing psychodelic cartoon, To Spring. Hyperactive elves work an amazing underground color paint pump to paint all the flowers and changing colors of spring. Got a techno Metropolis thing going on as well. Also big on the spring best of list, is Granny's Spring Tonic. There's just nothing like the first good batch of moonshine in the spring.

And spring means spring training, which means the baseball season is just around the corner. Grab a bag of peanuts, a cold beer and put those steroid pills away please. We have a ton of terrific baseball clips we thought we'd highlight to get you in the mood for Baseball. The Jackie Robinson Story, Paul Newman in Bang the Drum Slowly, and The Lou Gehrig Story. A nice walk down a lane of legends. For some fun - check out the Clampetts vs. The Dodgers. Leo Durocher of the L.A. Dodgers plays himself, and he's very impressed with Jethro's throwing arm. Why, he could be a pitcher in the majors right? A bunch more shorties too. Just search for Baseball. And don't miss the one with Max Patkin, the clown prince of baseball.