Monday, February 19, 2007

Terry Garland - Live Music at LikeTelevision

On February 15, 2007 - Terry Garland dropped in again to do a live video shoot. We were lucky to have Marko and Jimbo in to assist with the cameras, and also guest engineer, J. Pee Wee G. handled the audio in Frank Random's absence. We all had a great time and enjoyed some terrific music with the cold Newcastle Brown Ale. Whoa!

First up from the live music session is a song called Without You. A nifty slow number with a slide and a Gibson L-0. Next up, a chilling song called When you see Their Eyes. Very powerful song - i think it is about the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Finally - a smoking fast tune on Terry's National Style 0 guitar called Stumbling in the Dark. Enjoy yourselves... gotta get back to work.