Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Caulk Us zzzzzzzzz

Allow me to yawn at the Iowa Caucus - tonight we get our first peak behind curtain as to how people might actually vote for the who is the next commander in chief of the USA, el Presidente. Is it just me, or does anyone else see this trend. A trend where, only a total knucklehead would want to put himself and his family through the process of getting elected. And as I look at the current slate of candidates, it almost seems like I have proved my case without it even meriting an argument. We got a big pack of lovers and liars. Huckabee and the I didn't know about the cross, the Clinton dynasty again after the Bush dynasty redux, and don't get me started on John Edwards - he was our NC Senator and promised till he was blue in the face he'd do his job in the state first and never run for president while in office. Guiliani and the tawdry closet full of skeletons and ex-wives, and Romney just kind of gives me the creeps, Obama scares me too as his rhetoric is way too emotionless and smooth to have honesty. No, Ron Paul ain't my guy either. Sorry - have I upset everyone who cares about this stuff called politics? Sorry, in all honesty - folks around here really don't care much one way or the other. We banned all I hate Bush commentary, no I don't hate him banter because it was a waste of time and based on foolishness for those passionate enough to spend time yammering on it. The only guy I kinda like is Fred Thompson (and I speak for myself only, not a company endorsement). Why - because he seems like he has many other better things to do than run for office. And I always enjoyed Law and Order - now that's a good way to pick "your man", or woman if you want the Clintons back in town. Actually - my true test is - who would I like to have a beer with. Anyway, may the good people of Iowa pull out the caulk guns and tar and feather the group as they see fit. Ballots, not bullets is still the way to go. Let's make that a Pakistani slogan for their upcoming election. (and an observation that makes me curious - how is it that the Pakistani Democratic people's party decides their next candidate by picking somebody else in the same family. That's called a monarchy, not democracy).

But enough of politics already. Here's a very short list of my favorite political videos on LikeTelevision. Frank Capra's Meet John Doe is terrific. So is Angel on My Shoulder. Another interesting political drama you might have missed is the Scarlet Pimpernel. Merle Oberon is very beautiful, wow! Need something lighter? Popeye for President is good for a few chortles and chuckles, and if you are looking for something more global, check out Battle of Algiers, but please put the guns away and stop the threatening emails. (it seems the commentary, yes mere words on a page, on this movie description rankles some people).