Thursday, January 31, 2008

TV Guest Star Bonanza

In 1960s, Bonanza was a cool show - because it was broadcast in color, a huge deal at one time when I was just a kid. Yes, it's true. Like many kids, each week we'd wait and look forward to watching Bonanza because it was in color. And we had a color tv which was wow cool man - like today if you had an iPhone and a 46" 1080p LCD flat panel tv. Back in the 1960s, if you had a color tv - That was cool!!! Each week on Bonanza you’d get some cool guest stars, stars from other tv shows, movies and broadway. Anyway - here’s some of my favorite Guest Stars on Bonanza episodes. Watch these free tv shows

1) The Ape w/ Leonard Nimoy.

2) San Francisco w/ Richard Deacon and David White

3) The Avenger w/ Vic Morrow

4) Silent Thunder w/ Stella Stevens and Albert Salmi

5) Day of Reckoning w/ Ricardo Montalban as an Indian?