Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skydiving 2.0 & Terry Garland

You might remember from last year, when I jumped out of a plane and went skydiving for the first time. Well, the place where I jumped gives you the chance to get 50% off your next jump if you get another dive ticket the day you jump. BUT - you have to use it within a year. Well, I had about 10 days left until my jump ticket was null and void, so of course - I had to jump again. Here you go - Skydiving, version 2.0. In case you were wondering - I got another 50% off deal, so I have a little less than a year to jump again. ver. 3.0.

Tomorrow, Terry Garland will be swinging by the studio on Sunday morning to do a quick video shoot before heading down the road again. You might remember Terry from last year, or oh my - from 10 years ago too. We'll post the new stuff as soon as we can.