Friday, January 14, 2011

Jennifer Connelly in Creepers

The other day Jennifer Connelly was on Letterman, saying she was very nauseated in the first few months of her pregnancy. It seems morning sickness does not care if you are a famous actress and is an equal opportunity deployer. HA!

Well, many years ago, in 1985 to be precise Jennifer Connelly starred in a classic Dario Argento horror film called Phenomena (also released under another name, Creepers). And if you are afraid of bugs, or they make you skeamish - then this movie might make you nauseous, because she plays an odd girl, that has a special love and control over all kinds of bugs, who are her dear friends. YIKES! And Argento does not disappoint with a bunch of wonderful bug scenes, worthy of Jaws levels of scariness. Also stars Donald Pleasence, best known as they Doctor in the Halloween series of films. In case you missed it, we are featuring this movie again - check it out!