Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Legend Redux

Here it comes again, like a freight train full of hungry zombies. On December 14, 2007 Warner Brothers is releasing another version of sci-fi master storyteller Richard Matheson's I am Legend, starring Will Smith as Robert Neville, the last man on Earth. You might remember the 1971 film Omega Man with Charleston Heston in the lead role. And a few years later, Heston was in another flesh eating drama called Soylent Green, but I digress.

But in truth, you really need to watch the original I am Legend movie, The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price to judge which version is the best. For me, Uncle Vinnie in the 1964 classic is still the best of the bunch. I'll check out the new one when it hits the big screen and give you my gut feeling. If you'd like to watch the original, The Last Man on Earth - which is the Alpha version of the Omega Man Legend - check it out and watch the whole movie for free online at LikeTelevision. (or grab the embed code and offer it to your blog readers if you like). In addition, we just recompiled the download for this film and made a very nice looking MPEG-2 download for our subscribers or for those intrepid viewers who want to download the movie a la carte. It is encoded at half-D1, which means the window size is 352x480. The 352 width gets stretched to 704 when played in a DVD player. I regret that if you watch it in a windows media player, it doesn't want to make the strectch correctly but hopefully, this shortcoming won't surprise you. (tweak to MS developers, get with the program material).