Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Tale of Two Worms

The Tale of Two Worms

Once upon a time there were two worms, one was named Daryl and the other was named Kerry. The names, like the worms were not gender specific. Worms are hermaphrodites, meaning they contain both sex organs. When they mate, worms lie next to each other, and fertilize each other. Each leaves pregnant. The story is told this way, so no one would ever think their gender is better than the other. In their humility, so low to the ground, that was an easy lesson for the worms to understand.

Daryl and Kerry were very different worms. Daryl began each day at 4 am, and went out of its hole to the ground above looking for food. I know, worms don't do this, it is a story. Get over it. Anyway, Daryl woke each day at 4 am, and went to sleep each day at 4 pm. Meanwhile, Kerry woke up each day at 11 am and went to bed at at 11 pm.

When Daryl and Kerry first fell in love, they were fascinated by the insights they learned about the world from each other. Both of them felt complete, gaining so much from the other worm, and also feeling good about themselves as the things they shared about the world generated a profound interest in the other worm. They listened to each, and were fascinated by what the other worm knew of life. It wasn't long before they grew madly in love each other. Each of them felt like the other worm was the most amazing worm in the world. They were very happy.

And then one day, Daryl was looking to share something with Kerry, and felt like he had a profound insight, so he was eager to share it. He told Kerry that world was getting warmer. Of course Daryl felt this way, because it was what he knew from his life. Most days, it kept getting hotter and hotter, and at 4 pm, he was hot & tied and went to sleep. But Daryl's insight was not profound to Kerry at all. From her viewpoint - the world was getting colder every day. Each night when she went to bed, she was shivering because it was getting colder & colder, and she went to sleep with a chill in her wriggly little worm body.

Now Daryl had shared this insight, because he thought it was important. His feelings about himself had grown so big from Kerry's interest, he began to think he was very wise sage. Even though he was still just a worm. And the same thing happened to Kerry. At first, Kerry gently told Daryl that she thought his observation was incorrect. And she explained why. Then, She also began to question how Daryl could be so wrong... and Daryl did the same thing as he listened to Kerry. Each of them began to grow so wise of their own opinion, they began to dislike each other. It wasn't long before each of them felt like the other was an idiot. And yes, sadly, it wasn't long before they were no longer in love with each other.

As time passed, and seasons changed from spring to summer and fall to winter, each of the worms went through a period where the world was proving them right. And then wrong. And they'd say... just wait it will get hotter, or colder. And for a time they were right, and then wrong. Silly worms.

And that made both of them sad, but also angry. They stayed this way for a time, until they both realized, they lost something much more precious than what they felt about the climate trends. They had lost what each of them cared about most. No one knows whether it was Kerry or Daryl who first decided to forget their own opinion and really listen to the other worm, but one of the two worms made the first move. And said I am sorry. I don't care about the climate as much as i care for you. Forgive me and tell more about why you feel the way you do. I wasn't listening well at all, and got all caught up in my own experiences and views. I am so sorry. i love you.

Well the other worm at first didn't know what to do. But initially, they were flattered, and explained in earnest their views. They thought they had won the argument. But it wasn't long, before they saw the other worm seemed happier than themselves, and decided that being right wasn't all that great. They now wanted to get their love back, and that hadn't happened yet. It wasn't long before they felt badly enough to get humbled. And after that, they apologized, and said how terrible they were feeling, and asked for forgiveness. They realized they were wrong to care about the hot or cold issues, when it got in the way of their love, which was much more precious.

It took some time to heal the wounds they gave to each other, but not so long that it was impossible. As they listened, more eager to understand than to promote their own view, they learned that wisdom began with the words - I don't know. After many days spent listening with love in their hearts, they soon learned about day and night... and the seasons of the year. And over time, they shared this story with all the little Daryls and Kerrys that were created in this great love they had for each other. And their knowledge of the world grew in lock step with their growing love. Eventually, they learned that something outside of themselves had helped them on their journey. The learned the greatest lesson of all. They learned about God, and they learned to love Him, and thank Him (Her), for the gift of love. And they knew in their hearts, that God was love.

To their surprise, they also were no longer worms. They were people. And oh, how deeply they loved each other, and how profoundly they thanked God each day for this wonderful gift. Indeed, their joy was now complete.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Cartoon

Popeye has his hands full on Friday the 13th, as Bluto tries to spoil a date with Olive, using every superstitious trick in the book. Lots of fun, thank Goodness for spinach, even when it gets stuck between your teeth.

you can go to Popeye's Friday the 13th page to watch the cartoon in a larger video window, or just view it below.

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