Friday, January 16, 2009

Fine Corinthian Leather Ricardo Montalban

Hollywood icon Ricardo Montalban died January 14th at the age of 88. If you are between the ages of 45 or over, you probably remember Ricardo Montalban as Mister Rourke on Fantasy Island or from the Chrysler commercials. Everyone did their best to say Corinthian Leather as slick as Ricardo did. Come on, admit it... you said it. Fine Corinthian Leather! Anyway, Ricardo Montalban was born in Mexico City on Nov. 25, 1920 and became one of Hollywoods first Latino actors. Also a advocate for future Latino actors and actresses. He played a lot of ethnic roles - Spaniards, Japanese, Blacks, Aliens, and even American Indians on more than one occasion. Check out the classic episode, Day of Reckoning from Bonanza, where Ricardo Montalban plays an Indian brave. For more information about who those other guest stars are on Bonanza, check this old post for the answers.