Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hockey & Twisted Humor

Here's a few video clips related to hockey humor - Dr. Barre, Hockey Team Dentist, Antoine DuFleur, the poet laureate of the NHL, and The Penalty Box, a description of the rules of hockey from a skewed point of view and Zamboning with Dave, a silly short on cleaning the ice with an Olympia ice scraper. Frank Random makes a guest appearance as a Viking mascot, and Skooter makes his 1999 internet debut as Antoine DuFleur.

Plus - more a hockey commercial with a famous dog. woof woof!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starry-Eyed Intern

Yep, the deranged knuckleheads at LikeTelevision decided to give a kid a chance, so we decided to get ourselves an intern. Nope, it wasn't a magnanimous philanthropic quest, in fact we were inspired by all the work done for free on behalf the presidential candidates, we thought to ourselves - we should get in on this, and found ourselves a joyous rube ready to work for next to nothing. Better still, he was willing to even clean our bathrooms, even the dreaded - Men's BR! (Now that's saying something - since we did some live recording for the band MegaTurd, all of us who actually work here have used the Ladies bathroom ever since, and they recorded here in 1999). But Mr. Brian, aka the Brian that Wouldn't Die, ventured out into many places no man has dwelled before. Right now we have him doing some painting in the studio - we gave him some basic instructions - we want this 100% black wall to be about 60-70% white, not for any prejudicial gerrymandering of course, we just wanted the wall to reflect more light. And so, to honor his hard work and verve, here's a few pix of our new eager beaver, Brian.