Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ballet Mecanique - Stop Motion Masterpiece

In 1924, Fernand Leger was already known as an amazing painter with a flair for the outrageous. So when he decided to make a film with avant garde composer George Antheil it seemed like a natural idea. But there was one problem, the musical score was like twice as long as the film. That's not going to work. And so, each artist went away with their artisitc work and the music was not played with the film when it debuted in 1924. Way early days of film. Sergei Eisenstein released Potemkin in 1925. In a few rare instances, some folks have tried to re-sync the works to the best of their ability. Some of them are pretty decent too. But I have to give props to our resident wizard at LikeTelevision™ - Frank Random. A few years back, he decided to tackle the impossible and rescore the works as it might have happened. What can I say - a home run, Random's the man. Having played as a studio hired gun bass player, engineer, producer or composer on over 1000 albums & CDs, I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but I was very impressed by the tension and musical interplay of his re-syncronized version. Blew me away. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Ballet Mecanique.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John Edwards sees Floyd the Barber

In a last ditch effort to rescue his campaign from profligate spending on trivial hirsutes - John Edwards left the burgeoning metropolis of Beverly Hills to head down to Mayberry for a $1.00 haircut from Floyd the Barber. Floyd had a little trouble in his shop with some missing dynamite, but it wasn't a terror plot, just a hungry goat.