Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Biwa Diddy

Strange times indeed. We still have a few more tweaks before we launch the 9th annual Screamfest, but we thought we would give you something to whet your whistle. With all the recent financial turmoil, we thought we should get a little perspective, of how hard life can be for some. For instance, at the beginning scene of Hoichi the Earless, we are thrust into an ancient sea battle of Japanese clans. One gets anihilated... not graphic or anything, but sad all the same. If you go to the Hoichi page, scroll down and look closely - you will see a hidden link to a master stroke of genius from Frank Random. Yes folks, that's a crazy mixed up mix of Jose and Hoichi, soing some street biwa diddy. Hoichi the Earless is part of a 4 part film, called Kwaidan, which roughly translates as Weird Tales.